Crop orthopedist examining back of anonymous patient in clinic

Independent Medical Exams

An Independent Medical Examination is performed by a physician who has completed specialized training in this realm of medicine, and who has not been involved in the prior course of care. Also, the physician will most often specialize within the area of medicine that directly relates to the case.

The physician will understand the importance this exam holds in its assistance with resolving claim disputes, providing clarity of treatment recommendations and diagnoses, and return to work recommendations. They are seen as an objective 3rd party in the context of workers compensation cases, disability claims, and personal injury litigation. Often an IME is also accompanied by a request to perform Causation Analysis or an Impairment Rating as part of this exam.

The exam will be preceded by a thorough review of all medical records, imaging studies, and specific questions provided, as well as a face-to-face examination in the clinic. We will then provide an objective, well-reasoned report with use of evidence-based medicine as appropriate, in a timely fashion.